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новость Буш объявит об увеличении воинского контингента в Ираке

Здание Конгресса. Фото с сайта www.morganangel.com

Здание Конгресса. Фото с сайта www.morganangel.com

Президент США в обращении к нации расскажет о новой стратегии в Ираке. Судя по всему, она состоит в отправке туда новых американских войск. Против этого стеной встало демократическое большинство Конгресса. Оно грозит отказать Бушу в финансировании нового витка войны.

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Вот и посмотрим на демократов -

- далеко ли они от Буша ушли.

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10 Points For President Bush - Job For US Troops In Former Iraq in 2007

1. President Bush in his offers for a new 2007 should concentrate attention on new mission for the US Army on territory of former Iraq - establishing and showing for Iraqi people concrete possibilities of successful dividing conflicting groups on territory of former Iraq. This is a new mission for American Army for 2007 - establishing “corridors of security" on the territory of "Zone of International War on Terror." 2. President Bush should declare a concrete task for US forces in former Iraq - By US military force to close the border with Syria and Iran for everybody. Until now this borders, especially the border with Iran is too transparent for terrorists and everybody can see it. 3. Prison in Guantanamo should be closed except the room for future Cubans - those members of Castro administration who used torches and other repressions against democrats in Cuba. 4. On the other hand UN quarantine camps should be established in all areas of Iraq as it was in postwar Germany so that everyone who participate in terror and violence in former Iraq should be immediately deported for minimum 6 months for quarantine isolation and no matters should be acknowledged for immediate release such temporary prisoners with the help of irresponsible calls and orders of any local Iraqi powers. UN quarantine camps must be established on the territory of former Iraq according International Law and under a flag of the UN. 5. US flag on all the territory of former Iraq should be exchanged for the UN flag, except US military bases, on the territory of those bases. And the special US forces in Iraq must always have emblems and big letters of the UN and no others in any situations. And all police and patrolling operations of the US forces in the cities of former Iraq must be managed the way that at least 50 % of the patrolling unit must be not the American soldiers but that of Arab league and NATO, other members of the UN. 6. " Divorce, Full of Dignity”. This political formula saved millions of lives in former Yugoslavia, Bosnia, Croatia and all the Soviet Union at the moment of split. US mission in the Middle East is not to glue artificial states when this state can be kept only by force and uncountable amount of victims but to offer an administrative technology to keep each separate one-party part in adequate condition and peace. You may call it later a Confederation of Iraq but the matter should be clear - To stop the violence NATO had to take hard arms of Yugoslavian Army from the hills of Sarajevo. And the Serbian population NATO had to take out from town too. Baghdad’s military Shiites militia must be disarmed and brought to separate region ones and forever and the population must be divided and moved, where it is necessary even on trucks. Moved and divided by corridors of security how it was done in former Yugoslavia once and forever. 7. In 2007 US should not train any - any! - new military personal for conflicting groups and clangs on former Iraqi territory. Those new, trained by Americans, become a real fuel for an escalation of a new violence between groups. For a while police forces on separated territories should be controlled and motivated for actions only by UN command. Any other military and police activity on divided and separated from each other Sunni and Shiite territories should be prohibited and the UN quarantine camps must be functional in those areas as the tool of establishing concrete order in all the levels. 8. Secretary of State Condolisa Rice must take all the responsibility for all the political bloomers in Iraq and she must offer to President Bush her own, Condolisa's Rice, unconditional resignation. The King is what the Court is. American Army is not guilty in failures on former Iraq territory. All the guilt is on the political sector of President's Administration and clear misleading President Bush, done for years!!! by Condolisa Rice. Like she was failing and misleading America and President Bush with the situation with Byelorussia! for example. There were minimum affective political technologies implemented by sweat speaking Condolisa Rice to stop dictator Lukashenko for years and years too!!! 9. Collin Powell should be invited for an effective administrative role in seeking for a methodological way out from this curable and temporarily painful political situation. 10. In 2007 American people should be better informed about American mission in the Middle East. People should be better informed about different successful possibilities for the US and the world in this conflict. It is former Iraq territory like that was territory of the former Soviet Union. It is a Zone of International War on Terror. What peaceful states will be organized on the territory of former Iraq is a practical issue for American Administration in 2007. Utopian One United Iraq with one army and one police unit should not be a sacred goal for Administration of President Bush/ He is not a magician to restore united empires and order absolutely different people to love, obey and follow each other. This is actually a crucial mislead of the President of the United States - to ask American people to sacrifice their lives for so called "unity of Iraq", "United Democratic Iraq". This is a Criminal Utopia that costs American people too many innocent lives. Peace on former territory of former Iraq is a totally another story and President Bush may offer an affective administrative plan to divide confronting groups and political clans on territory of former Iraq and with all the responsibility of the UN and NATO experience to restore visual and functional order on those different territories in their transitional periods toward future democracy. January 2007. Alexander Bogdanov, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

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Всё гениальное - просто. Буш прост как рельса и его методы - тоже. Вывод - они гениальны.

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Лживый Джордж и стадо сонных овец


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У последней черты


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О причинах развала Римской империи


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