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новость Мэр Самары выиграл иск против Владимира Соловьева

Владимир Соловьев. Фото с официального сайта телеведущего

Владимир Соловьев. Фото с официального сайта телеведущего

Суд Самары удовлетворил иск мэра Виктора Тархова к телеведущему НТВ Владимиру Соловьеву о защите чести и достоинства. Однако вместо десяти миллионов рублей, которых добивался Тархов, суд постановил взыскать с Соловьева лишь 70 тысяч. Соловьев назвал решение суда победой и пообещал "дойти до конца".

(написано анонимно) 11.07.2008 13:07 (#)

Ну-у-у, Соловьев - известный "правдоборец". Путинского типа, холуйского разлива.

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(написано анонимно) 11.07.2008 13:32 (#)

Редактору сайта. А что, Соловьев занимался рейдерством и строил самолеты? И сам об этом заявил в Самаре? Афтар жжет!

User akvn, 11.07.2008 14:55 (#)

Ну этот соловьев зарвавшийвся кремлевский шут, который ка

Соловьева надо бы опустить.

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(написано анонимно) 11.07.2008 22:16 (#)

Да всё намного проще. У соловьёва на НТВ рейтинги упали ниже плинтуса. Не смотрит народ его убогие поделки! Вот он и напоминает о себе.

Mark 11.07.2008 22:10 (#)


Начало 3-го абзаца - в скобках "Соловьев", вместо "Тархова"! Ошибка редакции. Исправьте.

(написано анонимно) 12.07.2008 11:13 (#)

Как либер


sava 13.07.2008 06:48 (#)

corruption koluma/Partia ER v opastosni

‘Transit-DV’,a Northern Monopoly Fuel Supply to the Northern Regions of Russian Far East is under Control of the Single Company. In August last year there was an event in Magadan that gained a fast popularity by the local mass media. Sure thing, it was a kind of presentation of a new supply scheme to the northern regions. For that event a working visit of the capital of Khalima was made by one of the leaders of the United Russia Party Vladimir Pekhtin, a Vice Speaker of State Duma. At once he expressed concern about the northern regions’ funding gap. He says he had to appeal to the MinFin and Ministry of Economic Development and Trade for additional support because of constant want of funds to deliver fuel. “Fuel delivery becomes especially important in such difficult conditions. Winning a tender, companies that function out of the territory and name a low price may become monopolists next day,” Vladimir Pekhtin warned. Then he concluded, “It is necessary to have the unified plan that provides for secure northern supply.” It has to be noticed that Pekhtin arrived accompanied by Igor Polchenko, a president of Company Grouping ‘Transit-DV’ Ltd. that was officially introduced just as an expert in the field of energy resources logistics and developer of concept of the municipal units’ fuel supply in regions with limited navigation and under budget deficit conditions of the constituent entities of the Federation… About a year has passed since that “presentation”. Who has really become a monopolist on the northern supply routes to outlying regions of the Far East? Corruption Plan It should be mentioned first that besides the human, political and national relations between logistician Polchenko - an official Assistant to the Vice Speaker, and Pekhtin - an eminent member of the United Russia Party (one calls another as master in fact), they have also the strict business dealing. Not once a man from the State Duma was seen lobbying in different government institutions the business interests of ‘Transit-DV’. For example, there is a noticeable episode when at Pekhtin’s suit the Antimonopoly Service brought down the Western Port (its principal owner in fact - Kuzbasrazrezugol’ JSC) that was turning down to make a contract with one of the ‘Transit-DV’ agencies to transship the coal within the northern supply (case of 2005). Monopolistic feeble efforts of Kuzbasrazrezugol’ were suppressed when it tried to get hold of the northern supply. However, today the picture is not so beautiful, as the first place of the northern supply takes the holding company ‘Transit-DV’ (by now). Moreover, the wife of Vladimir Pekhtin works for one of the company’s agencies… We think that the lobbyist Pekhtin’s role in that case seems to be important enough. While the “Unified Plan of the Northern Supply” (developed on order of ‘Transit-DV’) was just a concept, he had been trying his best to “promote” it among regional authorities (Pekhtin and Polchenko’s visit to Magadan). Now that the concept has become a project of the program with guaranteed government financing and collaboration of certain “basic operators” in it, Pekhtin is lobbying of a draft law at the top echelons of Russian power. This government program is supposed to be approved in State Duma during the fall session. The rate of “kickback” for as it is said dollar millionaire Pekhtin is going just to be guessed… (However it is easy to imagine this power broker casting a shadow over the ‘United Russia’ party, which really has high goals and objectives in work). Does the corruption plan seem to become clearer to a reader?.. And should this plan be considered intently by the Antimonopoly Department and Prosecutor-General’s Office mainly? An Opened Tender to a Single Company When the current “Unified Plan” of the northern supply in the Far East is said to give an equal access for all market participants by inviting bids to sign up the government order, yet this statement targeted at simpletons. It is not profitable for ‘Transit-DV’ to spend money for development of this plan and logistics with considerable amount of money invested just to let someone feed from the budget crib. Regarding this fact let’s quote a short commentary published in one of the Magadan newspapers: “At opened tendering for solid fuel delivery to Magadan TPP during the heating season 2007-2008, in which three companies participated including one from Vladivostok, Magadan transporters won a tender. They obliged to deliver coal from Kuznetsk Basin at port Vostochniy. Yet, Magadan-Transit-DV Ltd. has concluded a contract to deliver from Kuznetsk Basin 210 thousand tonnes of coal that contains about 80% of solid fuel for heating season. Magadan-Energo-Nefteproduct Ltd. of Company Grouping ‘Transit-DV’ won two lots to deliver 60 thousand tonnes of coal. Transit-Sever-Vostok shipping company won a tender among other transporters for solid fuel delivery from Vostochniy port at Magadan one. Since may to September the ‘Zolotaya Kolyma’ vessel with increased lift capacity will be delivering all 270 tonnes of coal within 10 voyages. It should be mentioned that ‘Transit-DV’ has obliged to supply solid fuel for the forthcoming heating season the regional center not only but municipal units – plus 170 thousand tonnes of coal delivering from Sakhalin. In addition the Vladivostok holding won another tender for delivery of 26 thousand tonnes of oil products (burner and diesel fuel) to provide the housing and utilities sector of Magadan region. In general, no matter where, the group ‘Transit-DV’ from Primorye is everywhere that has locked up almost the WHOLE supply of solid and liquid fuel to heat Kolyma in forthcoming winter. This is the outcome of the opened tenders! May be it is time to call these tenders not “opened” but the utter profanity? So, for instance, when two companies put in a tender (‘Transit-DV’ and another one from Vladivostok), then surely this company is a dummy, that means it has been invited to crowd and for a tender show. Even more, the fact how ‘Transit-DV’ won the coal delivery from Vostochny port at Magadan one is out of explanation completely. While tendering in January this year, an owner of ‘Zolotaya Kolyma’ bulker had not been having any DOCUMENT with vessel’s right to sail within the waters of Russian Federation (the vessel was in bare boat charter, that is taken on lease), including the basic one – the right to import vessel on the Russian Federation territory. These documents must have been shown on tender committee’s demand, but it hasn’t. As a result of complete abuse of the Merchant Marine Code of Russian Federation, the ‘Zolotaya Kolyma’ vessel called at Magadan port with coal consignment in May 18 of this year and there was arrested in fact at port authorities and customs service’s demand and it was standing still at moorings for 10 days there. Just by the end of May there was a show with the flying of the Russian flag accompanied with a number of “grace speeches” and also from Igor Polchenko, the head of ‘Transit-DV’. By the way, while speaking the holding’s head shared future plans. Therefore, ‘Transit-DV’ plans to establish the shipping company in Magadan. For this plan another one dry-cargo vessel 10 and also thousand water displacement cargo tanker are scheduled for this year to be bought and put in service. Is there something bad? Nothing besides the obvious fact that ‘Transit-DV’ will completely become a MONOPOLIST on the northern supply routes towards Kolyma. Other market participants will be kept away far from these routes. De-Facto is that the Vladivostok holding is a monopolist already and will become much badder. And again, according to our opinion there is a strong reason for appropriate reaction, and now from the Federal Antimonopoly Service. “Benefactors” and the Value of Issue. Reading the press of Magadan ‘Transit-DV’ is presented nearly as the benefactor of northern and Far Eastern territories. It seems that the only this company is able to provide stable and timely fuel delivery for efficient heating period in northern regions. What a perfect benefactor for billions of budget finances! Фото “Benefactors” of northern and Far Eastern regions care about their private interest indeed. ______________________________________________________________________ __ Transportation and delivery of 440 thousand tonnes of coal and 26 thousand of oil products for the forthcoming heating period in Kolyma cost 1.6 billion rubles and primarily these are federal finances. Let’s add 1.5 billion rubles to previous for fuel stock forming in Kamchatka and Koryak united into the Krai currently. Naturally the budget recipients of these finances are regions but de facto the DISPONENT of 3 billion rubles after government order receipt becomes one commercial unit – ‘Transit-DV’, which names itself as the main northern supply operator to these regions. It must be admitted that ‘Transit-DV’ holding has brilliant strategists! To confine the northern supply program to outlying regions of Far East, annual budget of which is billion rubles of federal finances – surely not every big commercial unit is able to do this. There is no any delightful prospect in business than feed from budget finances, generous and stable for a long future at the same time. If it works he rivals may wind down. Gold Coal While the federal finances have to be spent annually in huge amounts for the fuel margin production to heat Kolyma during winter period, natural coalmining in the region does not have any increase, moreover, there is a triple downfall during last years. Coal cuts are being closed because of low profitability and lack of investments in this sector and also resources’ prospecting is actually out of work. However, there are two occurrences of brown coal in the region – Melkovodninskoye and Lankovskoye, resources of which has been prospected earlier before and come to 2.7 billion tonnes and 1.6 billion tonnes of which for open-cut mining. (By the way, the total rate of coal balance reserves within the Magadan region is 100 billion tonnes). It is calculated that industrial development of these two huge coalfields (open-cut mining) is possible function for 50 years. For 5 years there has been being a project of coal processing to get not only high-quality briquette fuel but even methane power gas good for burning at Magadan TPP. More over, there are technologies that allow get out of these coals the liquid fuel – petroleum, diesel fuel, oil-fuel… So that is not a fiction but the real project. However, the administration found it “economically inadvisable” and that is why it remains unsupported. At the same time the Magadan authorities do not have any program treating: we give a priority to develop our own fuel industry and by this fact in total fuel balance we decrease part of the coal transported from outlying regions. It means that territory must note its gradual depart from the northern supply and constant risks and huge budget expenses connected with. Yet, there are no sign of such notes and programs. Currently only 1 tonne of coal delivery from Kuznetsk Basin to Magadan by rail and sea with two port transshipments costs 2250 rubles. For that reason it is not a surprise that the fixed heat supply tariff exceeds as half as average one in Russia. It produces an involuntary impression that it is profitable for someone the northern supply to be “forever and ever” and let ‘Transit-DV’ live off the budget? Killing Version As it is known, one of the basic versions at contract killing investigation of the governor of Magadan region Valentin Tsvetkov in October of 2002 is a version of the northern supply; therefore, a criminal case remains unclosed. According to investigation bodies’ opinion the ground of such a loud crime may be the huge budget finances that run across routes of the northern supply and unavoidable conflict of interests of different for-profit businesses. We are not going to affirm something and accuse someone even more, as this is prerogative of law enforcement authorities. We are going to report just about a fact. Being conducted by Prosecutor-General’s Office, the investigation showed a number of potential accomplices of Tsvetkov’s murder. One of them absconds in Spain, Prosecutor-General’s Office has been already trying to extradite him to Russia for three years. Not long ago a relative of this suspect ask one of the Magadan Regional Duma deputy to meet. At rendezvous he strongly “recommended” parliamentary to “stop harassing ‘Transit-DV”… The matter is that Magadan deputy shows his opinion openly regarding the monopolistic right for the northern supply that is set by the Vladivostok company. Now the deputy does not know what he should think about these threats. If this story has any connection then think and especially as make certain conclusions may be dangerous enough. (The ‘Trud’ newspaper, # 27, July 12, 2007) Editor’s Comment (heading) This ‘Trud’ article supplements in many things such publications as ‘Grey Eminence of Kolymsky Krai’ and ‘Gold coal for Kolyma’, published in # 3 of the ‘Lubimy Gorod Magadan’ newspaper. However our newspaper has some additions to this article. We should start from the moment that on a presentation of the northern supply in Magadan last year Mr. Polchenko was introduced not just as the head of ‘Transit-DV’ and expert in the field of logistics but as a “member of Primorsky Regional Political Council of ‘United Russia’ and member of working party of basic branches development of economy of Primorsky Krai”. A polynomial man in general. Concerning this moment we note that Polchenko would better develop “basic branches” in his Primorye what for to have tentacles in Kolyma? It is about different associations that may come into being. For instance, if imagine ‘Transit-DV’ as octopus, then the body of this monster is really in Primorye and tentacles seize Kolyma, Kamchatka, Chukotka… So, slip from poetry to prose. Recently giving an interview to a Vladivostok business issue Igor Polchenko mourned that efficient national system of the northern supply stopped functioning more than 10 years ago. Supposedly for that reason along with ‘Transit-DV’ participation was designed a program that guaranteed regularity in deliveries and also allowed to cheapened the supply process by deliveries’ optimization. Yet, 70 % of the price for fuel in northern latitudes of the Far East region are the transportation expenses. The noted price hit the spot! Same in respect of northern supply’s adjusting but under ‘Transit-DV’. The “cheapening process of the fuel supply to ‘the north” sounds rather strange from lips of Polchenko, a “deep-routed businessman” as he calls himself. In general, waste of words that is so typical for Mr. Polchenko can not hide the main thing: ‘Transit-DV’ monopolizes the market of fuel delivery to the northern regions of Far East to the intent that there no market exists. (Probably, using contacts of the “genius leader” Pekhtin). In another words, only one for-profit business got a permit to squeeze the regions unmercifully and namely absorb interests. And this is not even about the regions but the government budget that finances deliveries to regions. That is just a point. And another supplement. The name of Magadan Regional Duma deputy whom relatives of the suspect of murder (Martina Babakehyana) of governor Tsvetkov suggested to let up ‘Transit-DV’ and also whose name in ‘Trud’s’ publication is not mentioned is Georgiy Shamiryan. As he inform a redaction he is not afraid of these threats. Deputy continues to fight for interests of Magadan region and its people. Insert “I made acquaintance with Pekhtin when he headed ‘Kolymaenergo’ in heavy days for Magadan region. The building of Ust’-Srednekanskaya hydroelectric station was within the inch of stop. At that time he persuaded me, a deep-routed businessman, to deliver on credit strategically important building material… Vladimir Alekseevich is a genius leader, he also taught me to carry myself in a market. Communicating with him I have born an axiom: either in business or in life, the higher man the stronger wind”.

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